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20/20 Vision Planner



The 20/20 Vision Planner is designed to help you solidify your goals and  to encourage you to make them a reality! It gives you the tools bring your visions into focus and to start your journey of personal and professional self-exploration. It will assist you in  bringing your ideas to life.

✔️It Provides a place for ...

⚫️ Goals for Current year

⚫️ Business Resolutions

⚫️A general to-do list for the week

⚫️Recording specific tasks for each day

⚫️Identifying plans for weekly renewal and rejuvenation

⚫️ Yearly revenueand expense log

⚫️ Ample pages for notes and journaling

✔️It Also Includes ...

⚫️Positive Affirmations

⚫️Daily Motivation Inspirational Quotes

⚫️Reflection and Introspection Prompts

⚫️Scriptural Guide BY SUBJECT